Here you can find several articles on Delphi and/or C++Builder related subjects. The sources to the articles will be posted to my Downloads page too.

Currently, you can find these articles on my site:

DLL dos and don’ts
A guide to writing user-friendly DLLs that can be used from most languages on Windows.
Addressing pointers
A very lengthy article discussing the use and abuse of pointers and references in Delphi, from my POV. I also try to explain pointers for those who are not familiar with them.
Open array parameters and array of const
Describes the syntax and use of open array parameters, and the use of the "array of const" parameter type.
Floating point numbers — Sand or dirt
An article discussing the use and limitations of the floating point types used by Delphi.
Using C++ objects in Delphi
Explains two techniques how C++ objects can be used from a DLL: either “flattened” as functions, or as COM interfaces.
PChars: no strings attached
Discusses the similarites and the differences between PChars and strings, as well as some things you should or shouldn’t do with them. With additions for Delphi 2009 and above.
Using C object files in Delphi
Demonstrates how to compile and link an object file into a Delphi unit, and provide the required parts of the C runtime.
Pitfalls of converting
A very lengthy article too, discussing most of the pitfalls I have encountered during the conversion of C and C++ header files to Delphi units. It is not a tutorial, just a text for advanced reading about the subject.
A Tale of Two Assemblers
Demonstrates how to use NASM (the Netwide Assembler) to replace BASM (Delphi’s built-in assembler) routines with external assembler. This knowledge may be important for some future versions of Delphi, which may not have a BASM.
Installing a package from the IDE
A short article describing how you can install a package that was opened in the IDE, using the Open Tools API and some trickery.
Quoting in newsgroups
A short article explaining what I, and many others, think of proper quoting in newsgroups, like the ones on the Embarcadero public server.

If you have any comments on one of the articles, please email me.

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