These files can currently be downloaded from this site:

Icon File Size Short Description 73kB 128 bit Decimal type, compatible with .NET type of the same name. 170kB New Shell APIs: shellapi.h, ulrmon.h, urlhist.h, shlwapi.h, shappmgr.h, shfolders.h and the shlobj range (i.e. shlobj.h, shlguid.h, shobjidl.h, isguid.h, exdisp.h and shtypes.h) 265kB New WinCrypt: ncrypt.h, bcrypt.h, ntstatus.h and wincrypt.h. 21kB Source to “using C++ objects in Delphi” . 21kB Source to “using C object files in Delphi” . 9kB Source to “Open arrays and array of const” . 7kB Source to “PChars: no strings attached” . 43 kB Source to “A Tale of Two Assemblers”. 2kB Simple Integer array for blog post 20kB TAnimation component. 17kB TTaskbarIcon component. 6kB TExTrackbar component. 23kB TRadioDial component in Delphi 20kB TRadioDial component in C++ 9kB RadioDial component in C# 21kB TShellTreeView component 2kB TDirectoryIterator component 2kB TMRUComboBox component 12kB Conversion Helper Package expert 92kB VCL Component Installer package expert 62kB IDE Explorer expert 136kB Folderama folder selection tool (requires ) 137kB Greppola search tool 9kB Code to blog post Strings too slow outside WIN32? 48kB Interface unit formsvcrtl.dll, as described in the article about interfacing with C object files 16kB Old UrlMon.pas, compliant with the Borland guidelines 23kB Old WinInet.pas, compliant with the Borland guidelines 4kB IntShCut.pas, compliant with the Borland guidelines
quotes.txt 247kB My newsgroups quotes file.

All files on these pages are written and produced by me. Therefore they are my intellectual property. I ask you to respect this. You can use or enhance any component as you wish, but are not allowed to pass them on without my permission. I would be grateful if you, when using my components, would mention my name in your product documentation or about box.

Also look on the JEDI pages for some of my newer files:


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