Delphi Links

On this page you’ll find some links to Delphi sites I have found very useful. Also have a look at my blogs link page.

Torry’s Delphi Pages
A very good and long-existing site for Delphi components and utilities. This site is also mirrored by many other servers.
Delphi Wiki
The Delphi Wiki is “a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible database, reference and community for everything related to Delphi”. It can be expanded by the users.
Delphi Basics
Currently, the reference site for Delphi. It gives a lot of information on the language and the runtime library, in a very well structured and easy to navigate way. It gives comprehensive and complete examples for most of the topics, too. IMO, A good replacement or at least a complement for parts of the Delphi help files.
DocWiki for RAD Studio
The online help for RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder) as a (mostly read-only) wiki, maintained by Embarcadero. This site is frequently updated and therefore usually more up-to-date than the online help that ships with the product. They say the help for the product is generated from the wiki.
All Delphi blogs in one place. The site automatically collects many different feeds from blogs, newsgroups and other Delphi sites. It publishes short excerpts from these postings or articles on the front page.
Dr.Bob’s Delphi Clinic
Dr. Bob (Bob Swart) has a very cool site for Delphi, C++Builder and JBuilder, with lots of information, experts and tools.
Marco Cantù
Marco Cantù is one of the most important authors and speakers on Delphi. Some of his books are available online, for free. He is now the Product Manager for Delphi, FireMonkey and DataSnap at Embarcadero.
Earl F. Glynn’s Computer Lab
Earl has a very extensive site with thousands of useful tips and tricks, links, not only, but foremost about Delphi.
Another very useful site for Delphi related information and components.
A very popular site with questions and answers for very many programming problems. The link above is for the Delphi “tag”.
Tempest Software, Inc.
Ray Lischner is the author of “Hidden Paths of Delphi 3” and “Secrets of Delphi 2”, two very good books on Delphi. He provides excellent information about the programming of experts for the IDE.
High Performance Delphi
A — slightly old, but WRT techniques still very up-to-date — page with Robert Lee’s optimization tips for various aspects of Delphi programming. Highly recommended for speed junkies. This is hosted by Eric Grange’s site DelphiTools. He also provides a zip of HTML files and a PDF file.
The site for the GExperts experts for Delphi and C++Builder, a must have free tool. Also a very valuable site for information about the Delphi/C++Builder/C#Builder Open Tools API.
Site of the excellent GXExplorer components, now on SourceForge.
Richey’s Delphi-Box
Richey Fellners very extensive site with news, links, tips und tricks, tools, job offers and much more, all for Delphi.
JEDI Initiative
Report to the Delphi Community on Project JEDI by Alan C. Moore.
Delphi Home Page
The Embarcadero site for the current Delphi version.
Embarcadero Newsgroups
The Embarcadero newsgroups as web forums.
Embarcadero Developer Network
The site with developer information for users of Embarcadero products.
Embarcadero CodeCentral
Embarcadero’s user code reposititory for their development products.

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