Some members of the Embarcadero R&D and QA teams have blogs with content that can be very interesting for a Delphi user. Some other important people in the Delphi universe have blogs about Delphi or related topics, too.

Since TeamB got its own blog space, I have one as well. Unfortunately, in May 2016, this blog was moved to the (slow) Embarcadero Community site, all comments got lost, and there were quite a few other issues. So I moved my blog to Blogger, where I had already reserved a blog many years ago.

Here you can find a list of the, in my opinion, most interesting blogs for Delphi and Embarcadero.

Embarcadero logo

Almost all Embarcadero bloggers could be found on the Embarcadero blog pages, but some of them moved away from the Embarcadero site and the rest were moved to the Community site:


This list does not pretend to be complete, but since most bloggers have a blog roll anyway, linking to further pages, it should get you started. Most relevant bloggers can be found on begin end or too, see below.

Old, but still accessible blogs

DelphiFeeds logo

One interesting site is, a site which collects many blogs regarding Delphi and displays the latest and most interesting blog posts on the subject. Quoted from their website:

This site collects many different feeds from blogs, newsgroups and other Delphi sites. We publish short excerpts from these postings or articles on the front page. The whole process is automated and we cannot review every single posting that is added to the site. We try to include quality blogs and sites only so that the signal/noise ratio should be good.

begin end logo

A similar site to, and heavily inspired by, is Eric Granger’s begin end website. This site is much more responsive in picking up new blogs, usually upon suggestions from readers.

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