Free VCL Components

During the last few years I have developed a few components for Delphi. The components are freeware and come with full source, some of them even with a (German language) help file to include with Delphi.

Most of these components are old and some haven’t come out of the beta or alpha stage anymore, so some of the properties don’t work at all or don’t work as expected. As the full source is included, it’s up to you to enhance them.

The following components are available for download:

Component Delphi version Description
Icon TMRUComboBox any TMRUComboBox is a combo box that only allows a given number of entries, and which will automatically make the most recently used selection the first in the list. It will automatically add entries, typed into the edit box of the control, to the list.

This component is still in use in several of my programs.
Icon TExTrackbar any TExTrackbar is a TTrackbar descendant which publishes one new property: ShowSelRange. The standard TTrackbar of Delphi always shows the selection range. If you set ShowSelRange to False, TExTrackBar will hide the selection range, like most trackbars do.

I still use this component in a synthesizer program and it works as expected.

Click here to see a more complete description of the component.
Icon TRadioDial any TRadioDial is a button like the volume of a stereo set. It is a round replacement for the slider or track bar controls of Delphi

I still use this and a GDI+ version in the synth mentioned above.

Click here to see a more complete description of the component.
Icon TRadioDial BCB 3, 4, 5, 6 This TRadioDial is the same as the above, but slightly improved, and written in C++.
Icon RadioDial C# .NET 7.00 RadioDial is the same as the above, but written in C#, for .NET.
Icon TAnimation 2 TAnimation is an encapsulation of the Windows common control which shows silent AVIs. Silent AVIs are animation files which don’t contain sound information. You can see silent AVIs if you see a copy dialog in Windows.

Click here to see a more complete description of the component.
Icon TShellTreeView 2, 3, 4, 5 TShellTreeView is a TCustomTreeView containing the folder hierarchy of the Shell’s namespace. It is a simulation of the left pane of the Windows Explorer.

This has been revised thoroughly and is not quite finished yet (the root folder is not implemented yet). It is a working version though. Please check here for newer versions from time to time.

Click here to see a more complete description of the component.

The Vcl.ShellCtrls unit that comes with Delphi has superseded this component.
Icon TTaskbarIcon any TTaskbarIcon is an invisible component, which enables the programmer to put an icon in the Taskbar Notification Area, this is the area in the Windows taskbar where the clock and some other icons reside.
Icon TDirectoryIterator any TDirectoryIterator is a component that eases stepping through a directory and its subdirectories, calling an event handler for each file found. These days, the unit System.IoUtils contains TDirectory, which does something similar.

All files on these pages are written and produced by me. Therefore they are my intellectual property. I ask you to respect this. You can use or enhance any component as you wish, but are not allowed to pass them on without my permission. I would be grateful if you, when using my components, would mention my name in your product documentation or about box.


I do not accept any responsibility about the usability or in case of any damage caused by the use of my components or files. Use them at your own risk. If they don’t work properly, you have the sources.

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